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What I'm offering

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~3 /texture
  • Minecraft Java-Edition
  • Various resolutions (16x16, 32x32, 64x64, and more)
  • Delivered as .png-file
  • .psd-file included for additional editing (Photoshop)

3D Model

~5 /model
  • Minecraft Java-Edition
  • Blocks, items, mobs
  • Texture included
  • Delivered as .png-file and .json-file
  • .psd-file and .bbmodel-file included for additional editing (Photoshop/Blockbench)


$ ~20 /pack 
  • Minecraft Java-Edition
  • Blocks, items, mobs, icons, particle, effects
  • Choose as many blocks, items and mobs as you like
  • Delivered as .zip-file, ready to be used
  • .png-files and .json-files included in the .zip-file
  • All versions (Java)*

Individual order

$ ~XX /order
  • Minecraft Java-Edition
  • Fully customized order
  • Skins, blocks, items, mobs, icons, particle, effects, guis
  • OptiFine Entities
  • Advanced, more complex models
  • Optimized models to minimize datausage and increase performance
  • Delivered in any format (.png-, .jpg-, .json-, .obj-, .zip-file)
  • All versions (Java)*
* Minecraft Java-Edition 1.8.9 and above